VAT Free Explained

  • VAT Free means we deduct the amount equal to VAT (20%) from the product price (your ex VAT product price is reduced by 20%).
  • To comply with the law we must still charge and show VAT (don't worry you are still getting a 20% discount).
  • Even though we show the VAT on your order the total amount you pay is the without the VAT total (-20%).


For Example

You buy an item at £99 (EX VAT) The total you would usually pay is £118.80 (INC VAT).

When we are running a VAT FREE Offer the price you see when shopping is the price with the discount already deducted. For example we discount the item to £82.50 (EX VAT) and that is the price you see when viewing the product.

So when we add the VAT in the cart the amount you pay is £99 ( this is the inc VAT price) meaning you saved £19.80 (the equivalent to the origianl inc VAT amount).