"I spray tanned Ruth Langsford live on Loose Women."


Josh & Kelly chat to Francesca Amber, owner of The N7 Collective salon in London. Francesca tells us her hilarious stories of tanning celebrity clients, how the law of attraction really did change her life and helped her salon to win the title - 'Best Tanning Salon in London'.


After initially going to beauty school, Francesca decided that the world of makeup brushes and wax strips wasn’t really for her. Shortly after, Francesca took on many ventures including writing a book and she even started a youtube channel! A little while later, a close family member of Francesca was diagnosed with cancer. This news prompted her and gave her the drive to undertake a spray tanning course, allowing her to offer a safe way of tanning to her nearest and dearest.


In this interesting episode, Francesca chats to us about how she marketed her salon and services to celebrities, and she even chucks a few tips in along the way for aspiring business owners. 


Since entering the world of beauty full time, Francesca has not looked back and has worked in the world of tanning ever since. Although this episode is full of fun and hilarious stories, you really need to take a listen to hear her Salon Horror Story, it’s a super funny one! 



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