1. Your Ultimate Guide to Hairdressing Scissors: Types, Uses, and Care

    Your Ultimate Guide to Hairdressing Scissors

    Your Ultimate Guide to Hairdressing Scissors: Types, Uses, and Care

    As a hairdresser, your scissors are an extension of you. This vital tool, often clutched in your hand for the majority of your professional life, needs to fit just like a glove. But what makes a good pair of hairdressing scissors? How do you choose the right pair for you? And how should you care for them to ensure they serve you well? This guide will answer these questions and more, helping you understand the world of hairdressing scissors.


    What Makes Hairdressing Scissors Different?

    Hairdressing scissors, or shears, are specialized

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  2. Framar Limited Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Exclusive Hair Tools & Accessories

    Framar Limited Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Exclusive Hair Tools & Accessories

    Founded in 1985 by the visionary Mama Maria, Framar has grown into an industry leader, offering high-quality, innovative hair tools and accessories. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the world of Framar Limited Edition products and explain why they're a must-have for hair professionals and enthusiasts alike.

    Meet Framar: A True Hair Industry Innovator

    Based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Framar specializes in hair tools, accessories, and aluminum foil. The company's unique name, pronounced 'Fray-Mar,' is a combination of the founders' names, Maria and Frank. The brand is renowned for its top-notch products, with everything being made from 100% recyclable materials.

    Framar Limited Edition: Exclusive, Themed Hair Tools & Accessories

    Framar frequently releases limited edition

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  3. Balayage Techniques and Tools

    Balayage Techniques and Tools

    Balayage Techniques and Tools 

    It’s 2023 and the balayage hair trend isn't going anywhere. This natural sunkissed look is as popular as ever, so we’ve gathered up the best techniques and tools for you to create the perfect balayage. 

    New hair stylists often use stiff motions when learning a new technique, but using smaller strokes can lead to longer service times and harsh demarcation lines. Instead, adopt the "C-Motion" technique, which  involves primarily using your arm to make the motion, rather than relying on your wrist, which

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  4. Trending Blondes & How to create them

    Trending Blondes & How to create them


    We’ve gathered up the hottest blonde shades right now and created the perfect formulas to create them.





    The Classic Beige Blonde

    Although t

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  5. Short Hair looks you'll see everywhere in 2023…

    Short Hair looks you'll see everywhere in 2023…


    Short haircuts are more on trend than ever this year, so we've rounded up the hottest looks. Check out the latest celebrity short hair looks and viral haircuts. 




    The Wolf Cut

    The "Wolf Cut," a trendy version of the mullet sported by actress Jenna Ortega at the Golden Globes has quickly become popular, with the images of Jenna’s new look sweeping the internet. 

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  6. 2023 Hair Trends Set To Explode!

    2023 Hair Trends Set to Explode


    Looking to find the hottest 2023 hair trends? Look no further.

    Whether you need some inspiration when your client gives you free rein or just want to keep up to date with the latest hair trends, we’ve got you covered. 




    Honey Wheat Blonde - The New IT Girl Colour 

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  7. Salon Stories Podcast ft. Francesca Amber

    "I spray tanned Ruth Langsford live on Loose Women."


    Josh & Kelly chat to Francesca Amber, owner of The N7 Collective salon in London. Francesca tells us her hilarious stories of tanning celebrity clients, how the law of attraction really did change her life and helped her salon to win the title - 'Best Tanning Salon in London'.


    After initially going to beauty school, Francesca decided that the world of makeup brushes and wax strips wasn’t really for her. Shortly after, Francesca took on many ventures including writing a book and she even started a youtube channel! A little while later, a close family member of Francesca was diagnosed with cancer. This news prompted her and gave her the drive to undertake a spray tanning course, allowing her to offer a safe way of tanning to her nearest and dearest.


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  8. Salon Stories Podcast ft. Guray Kesman

    "I worked 110 hours a week in the first 6 months to become the best barber that i could."


    The official Best British Barber of the Year 2019: Guray Kesman, chats to us about his career in barbering, becoming Curtis Pritchard’s hair stylist and how entering awards boosted his confidence levels.


    In this heartwarming episode, we go all the way back to the beginning of Guray’s career and find out just how he battled his anxiety to put himself out there and be crowned the UK’s best barber!


    Although Guray has a portfolio full of incredible opportunities, he explains to us how he actually chased all of his opportunities, as they unfortunately don’t come easily in the barbering industry. He also emphasises just how important putting yourself out there and stepping out of your comfort zone is, as this enabled him to

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  9. Salon Stories Podcast ft. Michael Jones

    "I've worked in the industry for 17 years and I still can't dye hair."


    Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of your wholesaler? Well now you can...


    Here on the Salon Stories Podcast, were joined by Michael Jones: Hairdressing Supplies very own Managing Director. Michael talks to us about all things business, and we even get the juicy inside of the biggest independent wholesaler in the UK. 


    After originally going to university to study accounting, Michael quickly decided that accountantcy was too boring for him and entered the world of hairdressing wholesale instead. Since then, he has been in the industry for 17 years and hasn't once looked back, but guess what… even after 17 years, he still can’t dye hair!


    During thi

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  10. 2020 trends: top spring hair colours

    As we are officially in the middle of winter, there really is no better time than now for your clients to change up their hair colour. So, if your client is feeling super adventurous, or they just fancy a small and subtle change: here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we have listed below the trendiest colours and spring hair trends for 2020.

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