As we are officially at the end of winter, there really is no better time than now for your clients to change up their hair colour. So, if your client is feeling super adventurous, or they just fancy a small and subtle change: here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we have listed below the trendiest colours and spring hair trends for 2020.

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Spring Colours #Rootedblonde | Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln


As seen on various celebrities, such as: Kylie Jenner and Margot Robbie - the rooted blonde look is the new coolest way to rock blonde hair. The dark root allows a sense of an effortless look, the exact reason why this style is going to be huge for spring 2020 and beyond. It also helps that the upkeep is pretty minimal too - a perfect look for that blonde client who always forgets to book a touch up appointment!

Spring Colours #Vibrants | Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln


Vibrant colours are in this spring and 2020 in general. These shades are perfect for those clients who love making a big statement! Whether your client loves hot pink, bright blue or crimson red, vibrants really are the next big thing. If you’re looking for a range of vibrant shades, we particularly love the Crazy Color Range. This vegan friendly hair dye has numerous shades in the collection, and the mixing opportunities really are endless!

Spring Colours #Bronde | Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln


Not blonde, not brunette… just a perfect blend of the two. This style is perfect for that client who cannot make their mind up! Bronde hair is one of the most popular hair colours out there right now, and we know it’s going to continue that way throughout 2020. This style is perfect for both the natural blondes and brunettes alike, and this sun-kissed look is super low maintenance too! So, it is certain to say that you will be receiving a few bronde hair requests in the salon this spring and summer.

Spring Colours #Pastels | Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln


If your client loves the coloured hair look, but not so much the vibrant vibe... then pastel shades are the way forward! With pinks, purples, greens, blues and more, these hair colours are perfect for the daring but less statement making client! We are particularly loving lilac hair and it has already been huge this past winter! If your client is wanting to change up from their original hairstyle to a pastel shade we totally recommend the Matrix SoColor Cult Demi Range or the Wella Color Fresh Create Range!

Spring Colours #Naturalcopper | Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln


There is no argument when it comes to copper hair being one of the biggest and most requested hair trends during 2019. However, it seems that this trend is here to stay for the foreseeable future! Copper hair itself is a super broad term and can define anything from soft strawberry blondes to fiery reds. Although, here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we are particularly a massive fan of the natural copper meets auburn hair (as seen in the image to the left). If you’re looking for a range of gorgeous coppery shades, definitely check out the L’Oreal Majirouge Range!

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